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About Gus Park

Gus was born and raised in the Bronx, New York.  His singing career started, as many, by singing in church.  Gus' first professional experience was starting a doo-wop group called Reborn, and later The New Notes.  He also sang with another group known as Street Corner Magic.  

Gus had been told by others that he sounded like Elvis but dismissed it.  After hearing the same comment a few more times, he decided to check it out.  Gus made a cassette of himself singing Elvis songs, and a few days later he sat down and listened to it.  He heard Elvis singing, so he switched to a different cassette thinking he had misplaced it.  However, after searching for the correct tape, Gus discovered he had first listened to the cassette of himself, and it was in fact Gus singing and not Elvis.  "I fooled myself!"  

Between this discovery and his singing performances now, Gus' career has taken a lot of twists and turns.  His first encounter with the entertainment industry was actually at the age of seven, when he was stopped at Coney Island and asked to perform for a roller coaster commercial.  This is when he caught "the bug".  Since marital arts was also a core part of Gus' life from a young age, he later went on to do acting and fight choreography work for the Masters of the Universe Power Tour that visited 35 cities, including venues coast to coast from Radio City Music Hall to the LA Sports Arena.  Gus has now worked on various movies, TV shows, commercials, and music videos as an actor, stunt man, and grip. 

It was a career opportunity for Gus' wife that led to his arrival in Globe, AZ.  Gus now spends his days teaching marital arts both privately and through local facilities.  Since performing is still in his heart, however, Gus feels most comfortable when on stage entertaining.  "Life is a never-ending learning process.  It goes to show that you just never know where you'll end up!  Who would of thought I would come from the streets of the Bronx to a beautiful place like Arizona?"

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